Initially for the coveted CDA accolade. The award, with its diverse categories, rigorously evaluates submissions, established as Egypt's pioneering platform for design distinction, Cairo Design Award (CDA) has now evolved to shine on the international stage, showcasing excellence in design and innovation not just from Egypt but from all corners of the globe.

Serving as a nexus for the finest designers, CDA stands as a testament to the incredible achievements within the global design sector. Every year, it beckons designers from around the planet, each aspiring ensuring that creativity and innovation remain paramount. CDA's commitment to spotlighting and uplifting the design community has transitioned from celebrating Egypt's thriving design scene to heralding the best of global design brilliance.




Our prestigious Jury come from all around the world with the shared mission to promote design excellence and empower young talents.

Each of the Jury review the submissions and score each project according to the CDA Criteria found in the design guidelines.

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